Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Reading Extravaganza

Did I announce here about the plan for a Summer Reading Promotion? I’ve had it planned since before Blood and Brine came out and I know I have mentioned it before, just not sure where.

Anyway, it’s time.

First of all, this is about promoting summer reading, and not just of my own books. So let’s get started with the prizes...

FIRST PRIZE: a smorgasbord of summer reading accessories ANY READER can enjoy.

A waterproof and sandproof eBook reader cover. Fits ALL nooks, Kindles, and iPhones up to 8". I bought one of these for myself and I took my Kindle in the bathtub. It has redundant double seals and very thick plastic. It is NOT just a glorified sandwich bag! The cord is long enough you can wear it around your neck or hang it on the tub fixtures. You can “turn pages” with wet or dirty hands and not harm your eReader.

A fully lined travel-print book bag big enough to carry several books to the beach or pool and still have room for a towel, sunscreen, and pair of sunglasses. The zippered side pouch alone could probably fit any Harry Potter book up to #4.

A reusable metal sports bottle with “Summer Reading Refresh” printed on the side. Extra sippy top and cover included.

A sturdy tasseled bookmark as well as some less-sturdy promo bookmarks from authors who have donated them.

Your choice: An Amazon gift certificate for $15 -OR- all three of my books (The Ascendancy Trilogy) in paperback. Autographed. Three bookmarks will come with the physical books.

All three of my books (The Ascendancy Trilogy) in electronic form of your choice.

*Entry Bonus* Any U.S. reader willing to provide a snail-mail address (EMAIL it, do NOT post on the blog!!) will get a selection of bookmarks. I will NOT share your address or send you junk mail.

International residents may enter the giveaway, but if they win a non-electronic prize (anything that must be mailed) then they have to cover the difference between domestic and international postage, payable through PayPal, in advance. International winners may substitute electronic prizes of lower value to avoid paying postage. (Example, a First Prize winner may substitute the Amazon gift certificate or the third prize.)

How to Enter:

You get one free entry if you post your email address in a comment here or email it to me. You may mask the address to thwart the bots [e.g. cfvici(at)aol(dot)com] if you post here.

You get another free entry if you “like” the Ascendancy Trilogy page on Facebook *AND* post “Enter me!” on the timeline/wall there. If you win through a Facebook entry without also giving an email, you will be contacted through Facebook messaging. It is YOUR responsibility to check all FB inboxes.

You get another entry for every one of my books you buy between now and the end of the contest. Email a copy of your receipt dated June 21 - July 5. You may buy from any vendor, online or off, as long as you send me a dated receipt. This includes ebooks, paperbacks, and hardbacks. Click here for purchase links for the first book. (Other books are linked off that page.)

All entries must be completed by 11:59 PM PDT on July 5, 2012. (Don’t “unlike” the Facebook page before then if you want it to count.)

Winners will be announced on this blog and on the Ascendancy Trilogy Facebook Page. Winners will have one week to arrange to collect their prizes. Any prize not collected will be forfeited. An uncollected First Prize will be re-awarded. All other prizes will not be re-awarded.


  1. Skribblegurl at gmail dot com. Thanks, Caprice! :)

  2. Replies
    1. I have one entry by email, so right now, that's four entries, which means everyone has a very good chance of winning something. Good luck to all.

  3. In addition to the 3 entries posted here, I have 3 on Facebook and 2 via private email, bringing the current total to 8 entries. Still very good chances of winning. Tell a friend!

  4. hosannahighest(at)hotmail(dot)com :)

    Enter me
    Sheila kempster

  6. Hi Sheila!

    The Summer Reading Extravaganza promotion ended on July 5th. However, right now, I am running another promotion on Amazon for a free book for the next 34 hours or so.