Monday, July 9, 2012

Blog Tour Disclaimer

Starting Wednesday, I'm going to be doing something a little different here about once a month. My publisher, Splashdown Books, is asking all Splashdown authors to help publicize all Splashdown releases. In return, my fellow authors will be doing this for me and my books. It's kind of a "You scratch my back; I'll scratch yours" kinda deal. So that means I will be posting mini interviews, excerpts, book trailers, and other promotional type stuff, very often for books I have not read and may not even personally be interested in. Please know that my posts do NOT constitute endorsement of every title.

However, with that said, I should also mention that Splashdown does work hard to publish quality speculative fiction. All Splashdown titles are properly edited and professionally formatted and produced. Nearly all the authors provide free samples, either on their own websites or on Amazon or Smashwords. This is to assure you that the writing is quality and while you may not like every type of story Splashdown puts out (it's quite an eclectic variety) you won't need to worry about there being tons of typos or bad grammar. Splashdown titles are as good as anything you find on bookstore shelves.

If you find a title that sparks your interest, please do give it your consideration and do let me know if you end up finding a book you love. I know my fellow authors would be very happy to hear this.

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