Monday, April 4, 2016

Chuck vs. The Lost Memories

Chuck vs. The Lost Memories is a hypothetical sixth season opener for the TV series "Chuck", starting from the moment season five ended. This is novel-length fan fiction, free to read. If you're not familiar with Chuck, I highly recommend it. All five seasons are on Netflix. Watch those first, then go read my attempt at continuation by clicking HERE.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Hammer's Payback

Marvel doesn't want this, so I put it out for free. Not my best work ever, but not a bad little story either. Enjoy.

Ivan Vanko ruined the Stark Expo. The world blamed Justin Hammer and made him pay. Hammer blamed Virginia Potts and Anthony Stark. Now he's on a mission to get his payback.

While Hammer is serving his 12 year sentence in a minimum security facility, a mysterious benefactor appears with an offer to break him out. The price: deliver Iron Man. Hammer kidnaps Pepper and demands the Mark V armor as ransom.

This story is set after Iron Man 2, but BEFORE Avengers. Canon compliant with Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Warning: male rape is mentioned as a reality in prison, but the act is NOT described. Also adult language. Click here to read.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Three Little Pigs Get an Extreme Home Makeover

I have all kinds of links for you.

Want to see the synopsis?
Want to buy it in Kindle?
Want a paperback that comes with a free Kindle version? (also free shipping if you spend $35 or have Prime membership)
Want a paperback, but don't intend to spend $35, don't have Prime, and would rather the author got the profit instead of Amazon?
Want a FREE sample (includes one complete story and one illustration) This link takes you straight to the sample in IE, but in other browsers, you may have to click on the book cover to get the sample.

Want a review copy? EMAIL me.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

3 Little Pigs Get an Extreme Home Makeover

Yes, I have written another book. It's not like anything else I have previously published. It is a children's book, but it's not as girly as Princess Marina. It's a modern, humorous "twist" on familiar fairy tales. The stories are written and I am now waiting for the illustrator to do his magic. As you can see if you click that link, he's in high demand and there's a waiting list. He will be doing one illustration for each story. The best illustration will also be used for the cover and then that picture's story title will be the basis of the book title, like so: "Featured Story and other Modern Mashups". This is the synopsis for the Amazon page or the back cover (if I do paperback):

Three Little Pigs Get an Extreme Home Makeover -- Three pigs build houses in Florida. Hurricane Wolf huffs and puffs and blows two houses down. The oldest pig calls Ty Piggington of the Sty and Garden Network to help them rebuild.

The Flaxen-haired Freeloader -- After breaking and entering, stealing food, and damaging furniture belonging to an upstanding family of bears, Goldilocks must wash dishes and mop floors as restitution.

Don’t Eat the House! -- If an old blind hermit-hag offers to let little German children eat her house during a famine, there's a really good chance it's a trap.

Jack and the Genetically Modified Beanstalk -- Jack sells the family cow for some "advanced" hybrid beans.

The Plaid Pipers of Hamelin Elementary -- A classroom science experiment gets out of hand and rats take over the school. The principal must find a humane way to drive out the rats because everyone knows PETA is just one letter away from PTA.

It's Always a Bad Hair Day -- Having long hair is not all it's cracked up to be. Tired of being used as a ladder, Rapunzel escapes from the tower, cuts her hair, and lives life on her own terms.

So, what do you think about this ebook concept? I will check CreateSpace, but I have a feeling a full-color paperback will be so expensive that it won't sell, but I'll probably put it out there anyway.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Adventures of Princess Marina the Mermaid

Guess what? I wrote a mermaid book! Mermaids are supposed to be "the next big thing" and frankly, this is the first popular trend I have ever come close to understanding. Vampires, werewolves, zombies? Nope, I don't get it. Dragons and unicorns? Not a clue. But I DO get mermaids. I mean, I would LOVE to be able to swim fast and never come up for air. They live in a beautiful exotic place and they get to eat seafood all the time. I LOVE mermaids!

So anyway, this is a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book for girls, ages 4-10, only for Kindle. Ebooks lend themselves perfectly to the multiple story branches. With the Kindle Fire and iPad being so popular, color eBooks are finally starting to sell, and children's ebooks are a growing market. If ever there was a chance for me to get in on a trend, this is it.

I'm pretty new at writing for children and I expect I have a lot to learn, but I'm jumping in to see if I sink or swim.

In honor of the new book's launch, The Adventures of Princess Marina will be absolutely FREE on Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday (Nov. 21-23). Even if you don't have a little girl, would you consider downloading the book for free and leaving an honest review? The book is VERY short and the story turns out differently every time you read it. Even if you don't have a Kindle, you can read Kindle books on lots of devices, including any device you can use to read this blog post. The Kindle Cloud Reader and many of the apps will show the interior pictures in full color. The pictures are grayscale on the older Kindle devices (non-Fire).