Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Flashpoint Blog Tour

Flashpoint by Frank Creed

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Here's a short list of reviews for Flashpoint:

David Brollier
Grace Bridges
Karina Fabian
Daniel I. Weaver
Karen M.
Cathi Hassan
Caprice Hokstad
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Various Others

If you have written a review of Flashpoint and I don't have it listed, please leave a comment with your review link and I'll add it.


  1. 1) Great post below.
    2) Need paper to start up fireplace soon--nearly winter--send book.
    3) Nearly winter. There an echo in here?

    Sweet mother, you added letters.

    3A) When I burn the book, soot from fireplace will waft.
    3B) Hello? I'm burning the book to keep warm.
    3C) You live in sunny California--forget the library. Send book to cold Indiana.


    That clear enough?


  2. My book is only 350 pages long. I doubt that will last all winter. Perhaps I could sell more books if I upped the BTUs? Note to self--forget bookmarks and canvas bookbags, ask VistaPrint about imprinted presto-logs. And to go with my new marketing plan, I'll rename it "Nor Iron Bars a Fire Grate"

  3. Vista-print logs!
    I'm from Chicago--also very cold. Lake-effect snow and-all. The corrupt gangster-politician motto is vote early and vote often. Let me know how to drop a *cough* few *cough* more ballots in the box.