Thursday, June 19, 2008

Playing Casting Director

A while back, someone from one of my writing groups asked how many of us had done mental "casting" of our stories. I had done a little up to that point, but the discussion got me thinking and I was inspired to fill out the major characters. I am fully aware that the chances of a movie ever being made of my books are close to nil. And because this is such an exercise in fantasy, I have cast actors who, in several instances, are no longer fit for the part. But hey, this is just for fun anyway.

Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four, Amazing Grace)
Ioan Gruffudd is hands down my favorite to play the hero of my books. He'd need a teeny bit of hair dye and some contact lenses (because Vahn's features are jet-black) and they'd have to play some camera tricks on all the Elva (because there really aren't any 8-foot-tall actors) but other than that, Ioan would be absolutely perfect.

Drew Barrymore (Ever After)
Drew would also need some hair dye, and they'd need to shorten her height whenever she appeared with Elva (but if camera tricks can make John Rhys-Davies look like a dwarf, anything is possible). I'd be open to other actresses who could play quiet strength the way Drew did in "Ever After".

Arnold Schwarzenegger (True Lies)
This is one that will take some imagination. Arnold is too old now, he's governor of California, and I doubt he'd ever agree to a supporting role. His accent is also totally unsuitable. I think if there were ever to be a real casting, this part would be played by an unknown. However, since this is fantasy, and Arnold's young face from "True Lies" is just what I picture on Najost Shil, I went ahead and put him up. The good Captain has pure white hair (think Steve Martin) but the length shown here is about what I'd want. And as long as we're making Arnold young again, let's do be sure he has those "Conan" muscles. The captain doesn't get to take his shirt off until "Nor Iron Bars a Cage", but Shil is a big, strong dude.

Natalie Portman (Star Wars Episode I)
Natalie is another one who is too old now for the part of timna, but back when she did "The Phantom Menace", she was perfect. I'd want "timna" to be played like Portman played "Padme" when she first met Anakin. Incidentally, Natalie grew into the perfect Lady Timmilina Shil when she was playing "Senator Amadala".

Robert David Hall (CSI)
Robert David Hall is perfect right now, in 2008, to play the part of the healer, Pharn Patkus. I'd originally envisioned something like Marcus Welby or Trapper John (Pernell Roberts) but I like Mr. Hall's kindly face even better. Sure, he's a coroner on C.S.I. but it wouldn't be much of a stretch to make him a country doctor type.

Monica Bellucci (The Brothers Grimm)
This publicity shot for "Brothers Grimm" was taken in 2005, so Monica is perfect for this part right now. She wouldn't need the long wig or the super-plunging neckline, but even her wardrobe is pretty near what I'd pictured for the duchess. Monica has proven her delicious suitability for the villianess.

Edward Woodward (The Equalizer)
Edward is another actor who is probably too old right now to play this part. I'd want someone who looked late-fifties, with all-over gray hair. Edward's face, hair, and build were great when he was the "Equalizer". The only quality I'm not sure Edward could pull off is Terzak's short-sightedness and his one-track mind. Terzak should not look so incredibly confident and smart. I'd be open to a different actor in this part.


  1. Good choices. I really like David Hall for Pharm, but I know he could't do the walking. I wonder about Ntalie Portman; she might still be able to pull it off because she still looks really young. Hey, h ow about Hugh Laurie for Pharm?

  2. I would have no problem with Pharn using a cane or wooden crutch of some type. Might be a little problematic because of the journey in book two, but that would be a great point to make Pharn seem even less "threatening" (as in, wish I had written him that way myself!) So Hall is still my first choice. Hugh doesn't have quite as chubby a build. But anything is possible in fantasyland.

  3. this is a really cool idea! I'd do it too, if I knew enough actors... lol. I can certainly see the similarity between Arnie and the guy on your book cover though!