Saturday, December 4, 2010

War of Attrition by Frank Creed

War of Attrition
by Frank Creed

This month, CFRB presents War of Attrition: Book Two of the Underground, by Frank Creed.

About the Book:
Set in 2037, Calamity Kid and his muscle cell are targeted by the One State's Federal Bureau of Terrorism and must survive alone in Chicago's Underground. At one-half its usual might, the cell encounters traps and snares set by a faceless opponent-and question the suspicious arrival of a bio-engineered One State traitor. Blamed by the media for the very violence they're trying to contain, CK and his fellow saints race for their lives to avoid the high-tech crosshairs aimed into the underground. War of Attrition, Book Two of the Underground, is the sequel to Frank Creed's award-winning Christian sci-fi/ cyberpunk novel, Flashpoint.

About the Author:
Frank is published in Tales for the Thrifty Barbarian: An Anthology of High Fantasy and has three short stories in Light at the Edge of Darkness. His Christian cyberpunk novel, Flashpoint, was released in September 2007. An avid fan of sci-fi and fantasy, Speculative Fiction is the vehicle that Frank uses to deliver his beliefs and spiritual philosophy to readers. Frank has created the "Lost Genre Guild" as an organization to help promote Biblical speculative fiction and assist fans in locating the best in the genre.

My Review
When you have written a masterpiece like Flashpoint, what do you do for an encore? Answer: top yourself and blow away all expectations with War of Attrition. Having read and extolled Flashpoint (missed it? CLICK HERE), it's hard for me to imagine anyone trying to skip the first book and read War of Attrition first. I wouldn't recommend it. I don't think you'd be "lost" or confused, really, but I do think you'd miss not only a great book, but a lot of the emotional backdrop that makes War of Attrition so much deeper and more complex.

It is very hard to review this book without giving spoilers. Flashpoint left one big question (what happened to Legacy, the main character's uncle?) and War of Attrition doesn't ignore this. It isn't answered in the way one might expect and it isn't answered in one sentence at the beginning and then thrown out. Even if I was trying not to spoil here, I couldn't do it justice. You really just have to read War of Attrition if you want to know what happened to Legacy. And if you read Flashpoint three years ago like I did, I bet you don't even need me to tell you this.

If you're looking for action, fret not, dear reader. Frank Creed delivers. And if that wasn't enough, there are major plot twists and MORE enemies to worry about for our hero, Calamity Kid. There's even something of an ambiguous, maybe-love-interest, but please do NOT go looking for a romance. This book is so far from typical Christian romance that it is sad to even have to use any of the same labels.

While anyone who loves a fast-paced adventure will love War of Attrition, I think it is especially recommended for male readers who dig on weapons and martial arts and beating the bad guys. My sixteen-year-old son was clamoring for this one, and the minute he finished it, asked me to ask Mr. Creed, "When is the next one?" Well, Frank?

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  1. Caprice--
    Thank you for the raving comments!
    I had to walk a fine line in giving enough backstory description for a stand alone novel without dumping too much data. Your words make it seem like I did a decent job. Yehaw!
    Please tell your son that Devil's Hit List will hopefully get to market a lot sooner than War of Attrition did!

  2. Way to go sis. A truly beautiful and "spot on" review. Hey Frank, I'm ready for "Devil's Hit List" NOW. (I know, I know. It's just hard to wait.) I don't know about anyone else, but when he finishes the trilogy this is going to make one fantastic movie.


  3. David--
    I do hope the Underground series runs at least four novels, but one book at a time, and all in His timing.
    I will do everything possible on my end to get Devil's Hit List to market as soon as possible!