Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I haven’t been paying my stats a lot of attention and I missed it when my fanfiction hit counter went over 50,000. It now stands at 54,204.

Realize all these stats are cumulative since 9-13-09. Less than two years. I’m astonished at the word count too. That’s over HALF A MILLION words! I am happy with this. No complaining at all. I keep dreaming that I could get permission for an authorized self-publication, but I’ve looked for addresses to write the proper people to ask to no avail. I assume these big-name celebrity folks guard their privacy. I know it’s just a dream. Silly for me to even think like that.

I am running out of ideas in this setting and I am missing a certain writing partner (we worked on separate stories, but we ran things by each other and just talked about writing and our shared writing universe a lot). That’s giving me this “it's just not the same anymore” kinda feeling.

I have a feeling my muse might be up to something. Either planning a sabbatical (bad) or maybe a change of gears (scary, but tolerable). Or maybe he’s just lazy and not going to share ideas until I write out what little I have in my head right now. I don’t know. Trying not to panic.

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