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Rift Jump by Greg Mitchell

Rift Jump by Greg Mitchell

The day Michael Morrison died was the day his life began.

A sinister threat is growing in the void between realities, and Michael has been recruited to stop it. Ripped from his own violent life, he is sent rift jumping to other worlds seeking out the agents of the Dark and putting them to an end by any means necessary. The love of his life, Sara, joins him as he battles Civil War space ships, sea serpents, superpowered humans, and even his own duplicate from a parallel timeline.

But the darkness he fights is growing within him too, calling him to the same destiny as every other Michael from every other world. If he is to change his fate, he must learn to love, to forgive, to trust, and to let the man in the Stetson guide him to become the warrior of the Light he was always meant to be.

Mini-interview with the author, Greg Mitchell

Before I begin, I should mention I have not yet read Rift Jump.

Q. What genre would classify your new novel Rift Jump?
A. Yikes. Tough. It’s a gumbo of every genre, I think. As a writer, I used to get bored really easy and wanted some kind of “gimmick”, if you will, that would allow me to take the same character through any number of genres: Detective, super-hero, alien invasion, thriller, horror, romance, western, whatever. In Rift Jump, our main man Michael Morrison travels to parallel realities and gets into all kinds of situations. It’s really a free-for-all in terms of genre. But, by the very fact we’re dealing with evading some Great Evil lurking in the darkness in between the planes of reality, it’s very much rooted in a sci-fi/horror mold. I think my publisher and I have officially listed it as “paranormal romance”.

Ack! Paranormal romance? Like Twilight?

Sure! In a lot of ways, Twilight is responsible for Rift Jump landing in your hands. I kid thee not. See, even though we’ve got all these wild creatures and strange worlds in Rift Jump, at its heart it’s a teenage love story between hardened extra-dimensional crime fighter Michael Morrison and shy, innocent Sara Theresea. I first started writing this couple in high school, so naturally my concept of what constituted a “good, healthy relationship” was horribly skewed. As the years went by, Rift Jump was relegated to my desk drawer where all my embarrassing high school stories lived, but I started getting this inkling that I wanted to do something with it. Wanted to revamp it and write it “for real”. I wasn’t completely sold on the idea, though. Then, me and my wife Meghan were watching the first Twilight movie for the heck of it, and I marveled at how morbid this “love” story was. It was so skewed, I had to start laughing and I thought, “Hey! Maybe the world is ready for Rift Jump and all of its immature teenage love obsessed mentality!” Rest assured, though, the characters in Rift Jump do grow and grow up, little by little. We can’t all stay co-dependent moody stalkers forever ;) Well... I guess we can, but we go to jail for it.

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