Monday, August 6, 2007

The Duke's Handmaid by Caprice Hokstad

I am delighted to announce that the Christian Fiction Review Blog is touring my fantasy novel, The Duke's Handmaid from August 5-11. Please check out the following blogs to see what the various members have to say.

Grace Bridges
Daniel I. Weaver
Frank Creed--book review
Frank Creed--website review
Interview by Karina Fabian
CFRB, Day 1
CFRB, Day 2
CFRB, Day 3
CFRB, Day 4
CFRB, Day 5
CFRB, Day 6
CFRB, Day 7

Buy the paperback at:
Barnes & Noble

Hardback at
eBook (.pdf file) from author.
Visit the Latoph Website.
Visit Caprice's Amazon Blog.


  1. You're getting some exposure. Some people are even posting the "canned" post with the links, which is acceptable. What I'm finding is that those who have taken the time to read your book and write posts is that they are doing fantastic write-ups. God bless you sis. You deserve it.

    David Brollier

  2. I didn't get a review up as I haven't read your book, but am excited for you to receive so much great coverage at the CFRB. So here's at least a small plug at Bloggin' Outloud. Best wishes, Lyn

  3. Thanks for the plug, Lyn. Every little bit helps.

  4. Almost everyone on the blog roll (but still not all) have gotten on board with this tour. Praise God. And did you notice both Dan Weaver and myself comparing your work to C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien? You run with a topnotch crowd kiddo. God bless you.

    David Brollier

  5. I think we're all running the same race, but whether I am running with or far behind and praying to catch up is another matter. Either way, it is kind of both of you to say.