Friday, February 3, 2012

Flotsam, Jetsom, Now I've Got Her, Boys

Well, now I’ve done it. I saw that Amazon put one of my books on sale and I “advertised” this sale on my Facebook status. A conversation ensued and I ended up saying something like “If I could sell 100 Kindle books in a month, I’d sing on YouTube.”

My friends are holding me to it. If I sell 100 eBooks in the next 31 days, that’s from now until 11:59 PM PST Monday March 5th, then I will sing “Poor Unfortunate Soul” from “The Little Mermaid”. In makeup. And post it on YouTube.

When we first started, we were only discussing “Nor Iron Bars a Cage” because it was on sale, but I said ANY of my eBooks would count, which means “The Duke’s Handmaid” is eligible too.

I will also count “Blood and Brine” but I will NOT be responsible for any delay in the release date and it is not due to be out until March 1st. Furthermore, I will not change any of the terms if Amazon ends the sale. (Which I see they did within HOURS of this challenge.)

Book 1: The Duke’s Handmaid
Book 2: Nor Iron Bars a Cage
Book 3: Blood and Brine (coming March 1st)

While I have given all Amazon-Kindle links here, I will also honor sales of any other eBook format but only if you buy from Smashwords. That’s simply because B&N doesn’t have an easy way to track the results over the time period. Note: Sales of “Aquasynthesis” will not count towards this challenge, nor any sales where a coupon is used.

I really don’t think I’m in much danger, but if this happens, I take no responsibility for the entertainment value of my performance. Last time I sang in front of anyone was in high school youth choir. Note: I didn’t have a solo for a reason, folks.

Stay tuned for the results.

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