Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yes, I've had the Odd Complaint, but on the Whole I've Been a Saint

As if the deal wasn’t sweet enough already for my challengers, it’s now in the realm of ridiculous. You see, independent of this deal to sell 50 books in a month, I’d agreed to participate in “any” sales my publisher promoted, totally unaware she had one planned anytime soon. Granted, I could have backed out of this publisher-wide sale because this challenge might be considered extenuating circumstances, but I gave my word.

Furthermore, since I DID specifically exclude any sales where coupons were used, I COULD, technically, not count any of the books sold at these ridiculous prices. And I DO mean ridiculous. My eBooks are now selling for $2.99 each. That’s over 70% off!!!

However, rather than wimp out and cry foul, I am NOT backing down. The deal is still on, even at 70% off. Yes, you heard me right, dear readers. So now I have not only cut in half the number of books that have to be sold, but the price of those books have been absolutely SLASHED down to the bone.

Sorry this sale doesn’t include paperbacks. Neither I nor my publisher have any control whatsoever over paperback prices. Amazon makes most of the money every time a paperback is sold. Not me. Not my publisher. Amazon. While I will count those sales and I don’t begrudge anyone reading the old-fashioned way, just know that it really doesn’t represent much in the way of profit for anyone but Amazon. Yes, I am being preferential toward eBooks, but it’s out of necessity.

The original deal:
If I sell 100 eBooks between Feb. 3rd and March 5th, at FULL price, then I will sing “Poor Unfortunate Soul” from “The Little Mermaid” and post it on YouTube.

The New Deal:
If I sell 50 books of any kind between Feb 1st until March 5th, even at the utterly ridiculous price of $2.99 for eBooks, I will post the song.

My publisher is fairly confident “Blood and Brine” eBooks will go on sale on schedule, on March 1st. Don’t count on the sale lasting that long, but that does give another opportunity for those who already have the other books and just need another title to buy.

Book 1: The Duke’s Handmaid [Kindle] [paperback]

Book 2: Nor Iron Bars a Cage [Kindle] [paperback]

Book 3: Blood and Brine (eBook coming March 1st)

I still honor eBooks of other formats if you buy from Smashwords. Paperback sales count only if made in the month of February -or- if a receipt dated March 1-5 is emailed to me or Grace.

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