Friday, March 9, 2012

Naked Truth

Well, sea slugs, there will be no singing. In the interest of full disclosure and “naked truth” I will post the results of the Ursula Challenge. These are for sales between Feb. 4th and March 8th:

4 paperbacks, all of Nor Iron Bars a Cage. Not surprising since the Amazon sale of that particular book is what started all this.

13 ebooks: 6 The Duke’s Handmaid, 5 Nor Iron Bars a Cage, and 2 Blood and Brine.

That brings the grand total to 17.

What did Voldemort say? “I confess myself... disappointed.” Overall, surely, but I am most disappointed in the sales of the brand new book. The other two have been around for several years, because they were first self-published. Blood and Brine is brand-spanking-new. No one ever had a chance to buy this book EVER BEFORE. We pushed on getting it out and I magnanimously extended the contest three full days and it STILL only sold two copies. Sad, sad, sad.

I think I will leave the nudity to my friend Diane from now on. I’ll take my fig leaves and go hide in the bushes.

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  1. Ah, but do remember--there were more people buying the first book than any other. So when they read it, and love it :), THEN they will buy the new one.

    And we'll find a way to get you singing yet ;).