Thursday, March 15, 2012

Plot Premise

Frumpy middle-aged writer realizes the only way she can sell books is if she’s dead and even then, it doesn’t look too promising. Disinterested husband and grown children no longer need her, so she socks away the spare change she fishes out of the washing machine and behind couch cushions until she has enough to buy a hefty life insurance policy with no exclusions. Then she takes up swimming with sharks.
This could then go two ways:

Murder Mystery: Sharks attack and no one is too surprised until they find out her sunblock was spiked with dried fish blood.

Suspense Thriller: There’s a close call with the sharks and someone filmed it. Video goes viral. Books start selling. But then “accidents” start happening. Did one of the beneficiaries find out about the life insurance, or are the shark-fin moguls trying to off the sharks’ vocal new advocate?

What do you think?


  1. I had an idea for a book once, which I was going to call "Published by Murder." A frustrated writer gets tired of all the mindless drivel getting published as she tries unsuccessfully to find a publisher. So, she starts killing off the best-selling authors to thin out the competition....

    Your second idea actually sounds pretty cool :).

  2. The research might be too tempting for me. Then again, I never find money in the washer or the couch. All I ever get are hex wrenches and nails.

  3. I think you'd find the shark research fun. And what about the opportunity to use the story to show your love for the species? Plus, it's fiction--ya don't have to actually find money in your washer for your character to do so :P.

  4. I would totally swim with the sharks if I could find someone experienced to go with me. I'm not sure the book would work without a more interesting main character though. The premise is basically ME. I've obviously been thinking about this too much.

  5. I think you have way too much time on your But, if I must choose, the second scenario seems more likely to me. That might make an interesting story...hmmmm... But truthfully, I really don't like the thought of fantasizing about your death. Please don't be discouraged.